Three Ways for Waste-free Take-aways

Mar 2 2020 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
St. Matthew’s United Church, 729 St. Clair W (one block west of Christie, enter from Rushton).

Meet the people behind three re-usable take-out container programs. Learn about their programs and ask questions. Would these programs work to reduce waste in our neighbourhood?

It’s great to see that more and more shops and cafés are letting customers bring their own containers for take-out orders. But is that enough?
Many of us still want the convenience of being able to grab a sandwich or coffee on the run without having to carry the exact containers needed. Is there another way? Actually, there are three ways! And they’re coming to us from three different start-ups based right here in Toronto.  
Come and meet the innovative folks behind 
ReegoWisebird and DreamZero.
Check out their different containers, and the different ways they’ll keep them moving in virtuous circles between food vendors and you. Which one do you think is best? Or maybe we need all three!

Admission: Free. Everyone welcome.

Presented by GN21 in partnership with "St Clair Reduces", a community initiative aimed at helping businesses and customers on St. Clair West reduce waste together.