Spotlight on Air Source Heat Pumps

Nov 23 2022 - 7:00pm
Parish Hall, St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, 611 St Clair Ave W, Toronto NOTE: This is a live event. We want everyone to feel safe and enjoy being together so please wear your mask indoors.

Wondering what to do if you want to replace your heating system, hot water heater or air conditioner with a heat pump? Where do you start? What options are there? How much does it cost? What's it like to heat your home with one?  What's the impact on your gas and hydro bills? 

Come hear from neighbours who have been heating their homes this way, and from those who install heat pumps. Find out about incentives and bulk buying programs. Bring your questions!
Featured speakers include:

  1. John and Christine Lockett, Helena Avenue residents who installed a heat pump over a year ago and will share their experience.
  2. Hassan Foghani, CEO and founder of Green Heating & Air, which just opened a location on Bathurst just south of Helena. He'll talk about some of the options available and what homeowners should think and ask about.
  3. Tim Grant, Chair of the Net Zero Committee of the Harbord Village Residents Association. His group has bulk buying programs for green technology that you can participate in, including one for heat pump water heaters and an upcoming one for heat pumps.