Recommended links & hashtags from GN21 meeting "Living without Plastic"

From GN21 meeting hosted by Green Neighbours 21 on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What a dynamic meeting this was! Here's a big thank you to GN21's awesome meeting organizer, Mariko, and to the excellent speakers ...

* Wanjiro Ndungu from Greenpeace, who told us about their ocean plastics campaign:

* Dayna Stein who told us about Bare Market, Toronto's first one-stop pop-up shop for package-free goods:

* Sarah Kern who shared about her low-waste lifestyle and her crafty business Upcyclery:

It was an eye-opener to learn about the magnitude of the problem, even right here in Toronto and in the Don and Humber Rivers. But inspiring to have so many concerned people come out, to hear that there are things we can do to start addressing the plastics problem ourselves right now, and to hear about the many exciting community, business, and city initiatives already underway.

See below for a few links and hashtags recommended at the meeting (thanks Kim for recording them for us & Alison for adding a few more!).

Lee Adamson, GN21 Volunteer


Blog about our impact on Lake Ontario

This Blog explains the impact we are having on Lake Ontario and how we can clean up our act. By Lily Li, seafishtales (

Toronto Community Initiatives:

Business Initiatives:

City of Toronto initiatives:

Hashtags suggested by Wanjiro (Greenpeace):

  • #IsThisYours?
    From Greenpeace: That’s what we’re asking the brands whose plastic pollution is choking our planet. We’re gathering evidence that single-use plastic packaging is ending up where it shouldn’t be, and holding the corporate polluters accountable.

Upcoming zero waste event:

6th Annual Holiday Gift Swap with Toronto Tool Library, The Sharing Depot, & Craftic @ CSI 192 Spadina on Dec 16th. Free.