Open Space Event - Sunday, April 10

Apr 10 2011 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm
St. Matthew’s United Church - Parlour Room (southeast corner of St. Clair Ave. and Ruston Rd.)

Green, Local and Resilient: How do we make it happen?

In past meetings we’ve heard a lot about the threats posed by climate change, environmental collapse, and the end of cheap fossil fuels. We have also looked at some inspiring efforts to meet these threats by rebuilding communities in ways that are more locally-based, sustainable and resilient in the face of change. This special Sunday afternoon meeting will be a time to reflect on what we’ve learned and start making our plans for action. It will set the focus for our GN 21 activities in the months ahead.

The meeting will draw on a process known as “Open Space” that has been very effective in helping community groups to identify goals and launch projects that reflect everyone’s shared concerns. Since there will be no prior agenda, the ideas we consider will all come from participants, while those we end up pursuing will be the ones that generate the most interest.

Please join us for this event!  Its success will depend on all of us – on the ideas and energies we bring.