The news is not all bad

The articles that cascade off my computer are mostly tidings of bad news, grim reminders of the urgency of the climate crisis. So my eyes popped open when two recent articles carried a more positive message. You might want to have a look.

”Victory at Hand for the Climate Movement,” Paul Gilding, March 20, 2013
Gilding points to a number of positive signs. Not only are grass-roots activists calling for action, but governments and global companies are on board as well. In addition, we are seeing dramatic price reductions for renewable energy; and there is “open discussion in mainstream financial circles of the increasing dangers in financial exposure to fossil fuels.” But Gilding also points to the importance of acting quickly. “We don’t have 20 years to decide to act; we have 20 years to complete the task. If we follow the science, then in 20 years we must have removed the coal, oil and gas industries from the economy and replaced them. It’s simple, it’s urgent and perhaps most importantly, it’s now achievable.”  To read more, go to

“Al Gore explains why he’s optimistic about stopping global warming”, The Washington Post, August 21, 2013
Gore echoes some of the same points. He says, “We are now seeing the approach of a global political tipping point.”  One factor is that more frequent and extreme weather events are having a profound impact on public opinion. A second factor is the significant decrease in the price of electricity produced from wind and solar. He also talks about his support for carbon pricing. “People are increasingly aware that we’re already paying the costs of carbon and so it makes sense to put a price on it.” To read more, go to 8/21/al-gore-explains-why-hes-optimistic-about-stopping-global-warming/