Greening your apartment

Your apartment

There are many no- or low-cost things you can do to conserve energy and water.

Here are a few ideas:

Low Cost

  • install a low-flow showerhead and faucet aerators (an indoor water efficiency kit is available at local environment days

  • caulk around leaky windows and install plastic film over windows

  • compost with worms

  • install compact fluorescent light bulbs


Your building

Interested in improving the energy efficiency of your building? Talk to your building manager or condo or co-op board, and check out these City of Toronto programs that can help your building improve its energy performance:

  • TowerWise Program - This program offers loans to new and existing buildings that wish to become more energy efficient. Loans are paid back using the utility cost savings that result from a better-built building.

  • Better Buildings Partnership - This program promotes and implements energy efficiency and building-renewal retrofits in industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings

  • If you have questions about recycling in apartments go to

This fact sheet was produced by Green Neighbours 21 - April 2010