Don't miss this movie - Revolution

Revolution is a call to all of us to get involved and protect life on this beautiful planet. The film is made by Rob Stewart, who also made the popular and acclaimed film Sharkwater. Stewart came to realize that it would do no good to try to save the sharks if we were destroying the Earth, and that it was not just the sharks at peril, but humans as well. The film alternates underwater scenes of both beauty and devastation, with scenes of protest movements. I was particularly moved by a young boy who is determined to see the planting of thousands of trees. He said “We can change something if we work together world-wide. So let’s do it.” It is Stewart’s hope that millions of people will see the film and step up to take the action needed to stop climate change and save the human species. In his words, he aims “to kick-start an environmental revolution, empowering youth to take the lead.

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