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I’d Rather Fight Like Hell - Naomi Klein

I find it takes a lot of discipline to stick with climate change work. I often imagine a more old-fashioned retirement – working in the garden, sitting on a beach, reading mysteries. Climate change is big and scary, and it’s frustrating to try to bring about meaningful change. But I can’t turn the other way. I draw inspiration from others who have the fire. and I try to soak up a bit of their energy.

Report of the AGM of the Climate Action Network

I was pleased to attend the AGM of Climate Action Network Canada held in Ottawa Nov. 6-7, at which Green Neighbours 21 was accepted as a member.

It was exciting for me to meet people from across the country who are involved in climate change work. My involvement with Green Neighbours 21 over the past several years has been wonderful, but I’m feeling ready to learn more about the bigger picture and what can be done on a national level. 

One session was “Lobbying 101” in which we learned the principles of effective lobbying.


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