Ontario Long Term Energy Plan consultation – and party!

Dec 7 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
St. Matthew’s United Church in The Oakwood Room

Energy PlanDate: Wednesday December 7, 2016
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: St. Matthew’s United Church in The Oakwood Room
729 St. Clair W, one block west of Christie St., enter from Rushton.
* Note that GN21 Meetings this year will be on Wednesdays*

Join us for an “Ontario Long Term Energy Plan” consultation party! Bring your laptop & hotspot (if you have them) and we can each fill in the boxes on the government's online community consultation form and eat cake. It’s a party with a plan!
No laptop? No problem! Bring a pad of paper & a pen, and write a personalized letter to your MPP instead. Not sure what to say? The great news is that short letters are best. More tips here: http://www.trec.on.ca/letter-tips
The other great thing about short letters, is that there’s more time for cake and conversation!

Before providing our feedback, we’ll briefly present background information about Ontario’s current energy mix and predictions for future demand.  You can read all the background information in the complete “discussion guide” found here:
Hope you can come. But if you can’t, send your feedback in on your own here: https://talks.ontario.ca/energytalks/
But be sure to do it before the consultation deadline - Friday December 16th.  
Everyone can also join the 100% Renewable Ontario campaign by signing the petition here: 100reontario.org/sign.php